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Why I created DwellDown

If I were asked to describe myself, I would use two words - father and husband. There are a few predefined expectations that accompany these two roles, such as unconditional love, provision and effort. These expectations are the driving forces that created DwellDown, a platform that brings transparency through sharing into the private rental sector. Let me explain...

As new parents to a beautiful baby girl, my wife and I knew we needed a little more living space and just like every other renter in Dublin, started our search online. We found a place that seemed to tick all the boxes and it happened to be around the corner from where we were living. We waited in line with several other couples and it passed the eye test. The rent was within our budget, location was great and we were happy to be selected as the next tenants. Within a week of moving in our excitement turned to anguish; the place hadn’t been cleaned, our crawling child was soon covered in dirt. A few days later, she picked up a cough, we uncovered mould, some of the kitchen amenities weren't working and we couldn't get in touch with the landlord. However, we did get in touch with the previous tenants and asked what "prompted the move." The answer was so simple and rang true...

" We are expecting a baby, there is no way you could raise a child in that house."

So simple, yet right on the mark. If we had been armed with just that little bit of information we would have figured out another rental solution. The stress of moving is enough for most people to get unsettled...throw in the emotional stress of moving your family into unsuitable accommodation brings you into another spectrum. The emotional and financial stress experienced by us could have been easily avoided if there had been a platform for tenants to share their previous rental experience.

My aim for DwellDown is to create a platform that helps tenants discover the right rental accommodation and neighbourhood based on interests and needs. We have created a site that allows people to share their rental experiences and bring transparency into the decision making process. We have built a few tools that can leverage user's preferences based on ratings and property searches to help recommend and suggest places and neighbourhood that would be a perfect fit. The average tenant pays 30-60% of their monthly disposable income on rent and yet there are no tools out there to help match or suggest to tenants to the best places to live.


Our goal is to create and provide a suite of tools that allow renters to

  • Share
  • Be Transparent
  • Compare and Discover
  • Understand Value
  • Find the perfect place
  • Reduce Renter Risk

I hope DwellDown changes the way renters discover the the perfect place.

Stay well, Chris