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Stoneybatter, Living and Experiencing the best of Dublin 7

Is Stoneybatter the best Dublin neighbourhood to live in? Interesting question, I guess it would depend on who you ask. Let’s see what that mother and father of those two children have to say. Or, how about that hipster looking guy locking up his bike. Maybe that group of girls having coffee at Love Supreme would like to have a say. I think you are starting to get my drift, Stoneybatter has all walks of life and they all love living in The Batter.

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We knew that we found our neighbourhood one cold Sunday afternoon while searching for a bite and good pint. We pulled into Mulligan Grocer and quickly found a table. Sitting next to us was a group of friends having a bit of craic, 6 of them to be exact. Accents from Brazil, South Africa, Australia, Germany and of course Ireland could be recognized, but barely heard under all the laughter. We chatted it up with them for a bit to get their story, all were living and have lived in Dublin 7 for years, working ranged from IT, design to teaching. They moved in and have yet to move out.

We lived in New York City off and on for 10yrs and loved going out in the Lower East Side and spending a time in Brooklyn. When we moved to Dublin, we were looking for a much more relaxed vibe. Preferably an area that offered plenty of good food and drink with a plentiful side of people with different perspectives. By the time we walked out of Mulligans, we knew Stoneybatter was for us. We have lived here now for 3 years and too, haven’t moved out.

There a few gems of streets to walk around offering views of beautiful brick work and old cottages. Sights that summon your intrigue and allow you wonder how cool life would be if you just live there.

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Manor Street has enough to keep you fed, filled and quenched for the rest of your life. I suggest starting at the bottom and working your way up the hill to make you feel as though you are working off all the indulgences. Be fine with the fact that average length of a stroll is about 20 meters before you may decide to duck into an establishment for something your heart desires, may it be a cake from the Green Door Bakery, a few cuts from the butcher, Italian delicassies from Mooz, coffee from LoveSupreme, a pint from Walshs or the Belfry. If your in the market for a new fire place, you're in luck, just swing by Penders.

If you already couldn’t tell, the Stoneybatter community is very special too. Each year the Stoneybatter Festival takes place in June. The neighbourhood close’s down the street and the people come out in the thousands. It’s a perfect days for the family and the community. Live music, face painting, food and neighbourhood sponsors. It’s a great way to meet new friends and reconnect with old neighbours. I would recommend this Festival to anyone, it’s an absolute blast for all.

If Yoga and design are your thing, then look no further then heading over The Elbow Room for a bit of wellness and mindfulness. Once you focused and reached the goal of the meditation, walk out the door and make a screen print of Zen at Damn Fine Design… Stoneybatter is one with the universe.

We have just been writing about local neighbourhood amenities, but lets get into how central the location is. Looking for a good bike ride or run? Put on your runners and cruise up the hill to Phoenix Park. How about a relax during that day the sun comes out for an hour or two? Well, just grab a blanket and into DIT’s new campus. You may even find a few pick-up soccer games going on. You can get in and out to City Centre within minutes via LUAS or walking.

If you really enjoy food shopping now worries, Tesco and Lidl have you covered. You have your choice.

We are happy we found Stoneybatter, or maybe it found us. There is a great sense of community and the neighbourhood offers us something every now and again to put a smile on our face and a wonder in the head. These are the thing people look for when choosing a place to live and we found it in Stonebatter.

Stoneybatter Average Rent: €1720
Popular with : Families, Young Professionals
Transport availablility : Dublin Bikes, bus, LUAS
DwellDown Stoneybatter Page : https://www.dwelldown.com/Ireland/County Dublin/Stoneybatter