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Living in Temple Bar

This is our first "Guest Blog" from the DwellDown community. We are hoping to have many more covering all the different areas of Dublin.

When the tourists first land in the center of our fair city, one of the first destinations they have in mind are the cobblestone streets of Temple Bar. The mainly pedestrianized quarter with its restaurants, colorful pub fronts, live music and creamy pints of Guinness has become a pilgrimage for many. The truth is, most locals avoid the area. But what is living in Temple Bar really like?

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I have been in Dublin for over two decades now, out of which 11 years I have lived in the heart of Temple Bar. Usually, the first question when people hear where I live is; "is it not noisy?" Obviously living right off the main strip of one of the party capitals of Europe is never going to be a tranquil oasis of peace and quiet. Most of the streets are pedestrianized, and the only vehicles we get outside our apartment are the deliveries in the morning, the glass recycling truck, and the rickshaws at nigh time.

On the other hand, pretty much all of the bars in the area have an allocated outside smoking area. And when we add to the mix the copious amounts of alcohol served in the premises, you will have intoxicated people, who by the nature of it end up speaking much louder, singing on the streets and sometimes having arguments late into the night. On a busy weekend night, it can be easily 4 am before the streets calm down.

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The antisocial behavior has been a problem, but in the past few years, the Guarda public order unit has done a massive job cleaning up the area. The drug use is still a problem, but this is a city-wide issue.

At the same time, Temple Bar does offer all the benefits of city living. There are numerous restaurants within walking distance. And even with the "rip off tourist prices" reputation, the area has, there are many good value gems. If nightlife is what you want, there is always something to do in Temple Bar. But for the all-night nightclubs that keep going until the early hours of the next morning, you need to head to the Harcourt street area.

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You are in the heart of the city, and pretty much everything is within walking distance. Dublin airport is only 30 minutes away, and even if you work outside the city center, the public transport for most of the Greater Dublin area is right at your doorstep.

There are around 2000 residents in the Temple Bar area that call this quarter their home. With Airbnb and other holiday apartment services, the number of available residential rental properties in the area has gone down in the past few years. There are widespread calls to regulate the short-term holiday rental market, which could make longterm tenants more appealing prospect once again. But only time will tell.

So does the good outweigh the bad? It depends on what you are looking for. Do I like living and renting an apartment in Temple Bar? Yes very much so. Will I someday in the future look to move somewhere bit calmer? More than likely.

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