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Dublin neighbourhoods Flying Under the Radar according to DwellDown Users

Think back a few years. Way back. Before selfies. Before iPods. Before the Y2K bug. Imagine you’re standing in Dublin City. The year, 1997.


Dublin is a totally different place. You probably wouldn’t step foot in the Grand Canal Docks. The Dundrum Shopping Centre was just a grassy field. There certainly was no Spire on O’Connell Street.

In 1997, we had no idea what Dublin would become in the next two decades. We had no idea the neighbourhoods that would transform into the IT spots in town. If only.

Well, you may have a chance with the next couple decades. Data from DwellDown may give us insight into the next hot neighbourhoods.

DwellDown participants can review their neighbourhoods as well as their flats, giving us a unique perspective about what real Dubliners think.

From finding a place with an easy commute for work to plenty of pubs nearby to make the stumble home easier, our users did not hold back.

Over the next two weeks, we’ll showcase six up-and-coming hot spots in the city. This week, we’ll focus on the urban city centre neighbourhoods. Next week, we’ll look at the suburbs that maintain an awesome hip charm.

Dolphin’s Barn


Located between the Grand Canal to the South and Saint James Hospital to the North, Dolphin’s Barn seems poised for a bright future. The neighbourhood straddles Dublin 8 and Dublin 12 with easy access to the city centre with a Luas Redline stop just a few steps away.

No wonder DwellDown users gave Dolphin’s Barn an average score of 8.4 out of 10.

After multiple years of redevelopment project talk, locally-led changes are making Dolphin’s Barn an even better place to live.

For example, this hip urban neighbourhood is home to the Grow Dome Project, a year-round sustainable community garden and education centre housed inside of a gorgeous geodesic dome.


In Dolphin’s Barn, you are a short walk from the Green Door Farmer’s Market and Teeling’s Whiskey Distillery. Of course, you can sip a coffee at Cafe Du Jour or grab a fine pint at Lowes Pub or the Barn House Pub.

Several developments will increase the amount of housing in Dolphin’s Barn in the coming years, making it a bright spot in Dublin’s future for some time to come!



On the Northeast side of Phoenix Park, Cabra is another excellent option for the close-but-not-too-close lifestyle. Like it’s next-door neighbour, Stoneybatter, Cabra is quickly becoming a popular spot.

Cabra is about a 30 minute commute to the city centre via public transit. That will get even better when the Luas extension opens.


With an average DwellDown score of 7.7, some of Cabra’s best features are the easy access to town at a lower price than nearby Stoneybatter.

While the area is still waiting on many of the hip coffee shops, there are some local favourites like Clarkes Home Bakery and Coffee Shop. Take the edge off with your friends at the Homestead Bar. There are signs of a changing neighbourhood with the new Om Yoga studio opening nearby.

For the time being, there are some great parks in and around the neighbour, making Cabra good place to call home.

Spencer Dock / East Wall (7.57 average DwellDown score)


When it comes down to being right in the middle of the action, Spencer Dock and East Wall are some of the best options out there. With large development projects and easy walks to most of the job offerings in town, plenty of folks love this area (average DwellDown rating of 7.57 out of 10).

The entire are has undergone massive transformations in the last few years, and more development is expected. Rents are higher than places further out, but DwellDown users who rate Spencer Dock and East Wall highly say it gives a good value for the rent.


With several great coffee shops in the CHQ Building, pubs galore, and central access to the best of Dublin, no wonder so many young professionals are flocking to Spencer Dock and East Wall. Several tech companies, including Facebook, have offices in these popular neighbourhoods.

Expect this area to grow even more over the coming years. Development projects up an down the Liffey mean there will be plenty of new places to live. The area does lack some green space, but you can easily make up for that with Luas and Dart access to all corners of Dublin.

A little about our methodology

DwellDown is an innovative way for regular people to share their experiences about a property and neighbourhood. It’s also a chance for landlords to highlight the best aspects of their properties with real data like the average rents and ratings.

With all that information, you can make the best decisions about where to live.

In this survey, most of the users fell into the category of “young professionals.” They described themselves as “50 percent hipster, 50 percent suits.” The average person in this survey lives with two other roommates.

Our favourite piece of data about these neighbourhoods is that they all rate really well (4.5 out of 5) for value of the rent paid compared to the standard of living.

We love Dublin and would love to hear your thoughts. Rate your property here!

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