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Do you enjoy your FREE time? You know … lunch, weekends.

Then why spend so much time, possibly even hours waiting in line to look at overpriced unsuitable lettings? There is a good chance they’re in areas you know nothing about or you aren’t even sure you will even be happy living in these neighbourhoods?

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Friends use to say to me “Wouldn’t it be great if there was something out there that would give you this time back by helping you find the right address and neighbourhood to live in? It would be AMAZING if a there was a platform that gave me local insights and shared what the vibe of the neighbourhood was like. This would take care of all the stress of finding the right apartment and save me so much time from driving all over Dublin.”

I’ll let you in on a secret… this platform exists… and it’s called DwellDown. People come to our site for three reasons : to Review, Research and to find lettings. There is no other platform built upon verified user feedback offering local tenant sentiment. DwellDown is crowdsourcing apartment and neighbourhood reviews offering local insights. Our users are creating an accurate depiction of the people and the area they live in.

Ask yourself, How do you pick your restaurant for date night or your Airbnb for vacation… that’s right crowd sourced reviews. Then why would you spend about 40% of your disposable income on entering an agreement to choose where you are going to spend every day for the next year on so when you know nothing about the living experience?


DwellDown will give you your freedom back when searching for a new apartment or house. You can find reviewed lettings, see the previous rent and understand the overall quality, comfort, communication, amenities and neighbourhood. This will allow you to pick and choose the places you are thinking about renting during your free time.

If you are interested in a few different addresses or neighbourhoods, you can login and use our Comparison tool. This will allow you to compare lettings and neighbourhoods side by side. You can compare and measure the rent, number of rooms, over all rental experience, neighbourhood amenities. You can even see what the locals enjoy about the areas : Why they choose to there? Who has the best coffee? Or, most comfortable pub? Would they recommend the neighbourhood? Is it safe? Is there an easy commute into the city centre?


By the way, you can access all of this on your couch or (desk at work :D) instead of waiting in line with all the other people not in the “know.” Say good bye to your anxiety by researching your move on DwellDown. Save time, make informed decisions and help build the community by sharing your past rental experiences.

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Think about it, you spend hours researching trips where you only will spend a few nights… then why don’t you research places that you are actually going to live in each day?!?!

DwellDown gives you your time back. Just say thanks by leaving a review!

Keep the community growing, please share with your friends, family and colleagues.

Stay well.